Name: Kate Silverton

Age: 42

Why she’s a MAM: Crazy fact: the BBC currently has more reporters covering the Olympics than there are people living in Wales. Considering the population of Wales is just over 3million people, that’s an awful lot of reporters.

Still, not one of those 3million reporters stands out as being hotter than Kate Silverton, the six-foot Essex sex-bomb who combines a lush-lipped sultriness with the statuesque build of an Amazonian dinosaur-puncher.

The ex-swimming champion may have made a few enemies on her way to the top – one BBC insider memorably described her as “pushy beyond belief… an aggressive, manipulative monster” – but we couldn’t care less. She can aggressively push and manipulate us any time she likes.

(Saying that, we do wish Kate would go back to wearing glasses. We definitely preferred it when her come-hither-or-I’ll-knock-you-out eyes were framed by Specsavers’ finest two-for-ones.)

Her fanbase: Kate regularly sends her avid admirers into pervy meltdown by donning eye-poking outfits such as the one in that appears in this video. Brace yourself for stocking tops and thigh-high black PVC boots.

Side note: The top comment on that video, with 19 Likes, is as follows: “Kate almost made me late for work that morning – had to wank off twice in appreciation!” Ew. Cheers for that.

We dare you to disagree! Not convinced by our MAMification of Kate? Reckon there’s a MAMier BBC presenter out there? Then let’s hear who and why!