Age: 41

Why she’s a MAM: As cute as a button but with the mouth of a sailor and the mind of a sex-crazed 14-year-old boy, Sarah Silverman is one of the funniest, fittest comedians to have emerged from the US since… well, ever, really.

If you’ve never seen Sarah’s rib-snappingly funny, jaw-droppingly shocking 2005 stand-up movie Jesus Is Magic, you should immediately head off to YouTube, where some scamp has uploaded the entire thing. We bet you 20 quids that you’re head-over-tits in love with her by the end of it.

And even as she moves into her forties (looking very well-preserved indeed), Silverman is showing no signs of dragging her brain out of the gutter.

She’s currently making headlines in the US thanks to the following video, in which she offers to ‘scissor’ 78-year-old casino magnate Sheldon Adelson if he’ll donate $100 million to Barack Obama rather than his rival, Mitt Romney.

(If you’ve got no idea what scissoring is, don’t worry – Sarah helpfully uses a tiny dog to demonstrate the basic principal.) 

Her fanbase:
Vast and obsessive, although Sarah has her fair share of haters as well – particularly amongst evangelical Christians, who object to her brain-scorching jokes about abortion, bum-sex and the crucifixion of Jesus.  

We dare you to disagree: Not convinced by our MAMification of Sarah? Reckon there’s a MAMier comedian out there? Then let’s hear who and why!