Words: Carl Anka

Samantha Cameron

Age: 41

Why she’s a MAM: Risk of being offed by the secret service be damned, we’re just going to go right ahead and say it – Samantha Cameron is fit.

Britain's First Lady and Queen WAG, Samantha Cameron has once again been in the public eye of late for her fashion choices at the last week's Tory conference.

While women’s mags were oohing and ahhing over her choice in high-street labels, we at FHM have simply been silently nodding our heads at the daily parade of Sam Cam pics, and slowly beginning to understand why David looks so blazingly smug every time he finishes a speech and his missus joins him onstage.

Her fanbase: Much like Kate Middleton, Samantha Cameron’s fanbase mainly consists of female Daily Mail readers cooing over the fact that while Sam Cam is as rich as a fat pirate, she still wears Topshop. (“First lady fashion at its finest!” read the Mail's headline after David’s keynote speech.)

Samantha definitely has her more perv-minded fans, however – as evidenced by the excitable storm that the tamest nip-slip paparazzi shots of all time caused when they hit the interwebz a couple of months back.

We dare you to disagree!
Not convinced by our MAMification of Sam Cam? Reckon there's a MAMier political WAG out there? Then let’s hear who and why!