Name: Geri 'Ginger Spice' Halliwell

Age: 40

Why she's a MAM: Geri has long been a figure of derision in the British tabloid press: they've laughed at her terrible solo singles, her string of disastrous relationships, her insane role as the United Nations' 'goodwill ambassador' (whatever the hell that is).

But while Miss Halliwell does occasionally cut something of a ridiculous figure, we can't be the only ones who saw her in that low-cut, high-hemlined red dress at the Olympics closing ceremony and thought, "Woah there – was Ginger Spice always that fit?" 

Well, in fact, we weren't the only ones: according to today's Sun, Geri has been dating Russell Brand since he became utterly smitten with her during that taxi-top Olympian performance. Come on, Russell – leave some buxom pop-stars for the rest of us, wudya?   

Her fanbase: It's probably fair to say that Geri doesn't have many fans of her musical output left – you'd have to be pretty sick in the brain to still be listening to Mi Chico Latino on a regular basis – but she's definitely still got her admirers.

Okay, so few people will actually admit to being a Geri-fancier, but come on now. You would.

Yeeeah. You would.

We dare you to disagree!
Not convinced by our MAMification of Geri? Reckon there's a MAMier ex-pop star out there? Then let's hear who and why!