Name: Carol Vorderman

Age: 51. Nooo, that can't be right... No, it is right. 51!

Why she's a MAM: Let's be honest here: after Carol left Countdown – making way for the very lovely Rachel Riley – most of us figured that that'd be the end of reign as TV's most lusted-after 40-plus woman. 

Sure, maybe she'd occasionally pop up on some sketchy injury-claims advert, looking increasingly knackered and mad-eyed, a sad shadow of the buxom power-fittie she once was. 

But no: if anything, Vorderman – who's actually looks hotter now than she did 10, even 20 years ago. Which explains how she managed to bag the 2011's Rear Of The Year Award, despite being 34 years older than Charlotte Church was when she won it in 2002.  

It's also why, every three days or so, the Daily Mail prints a photo of Carol leaving the Loose Women studios under the headline, "Fuck a duck, Carol Vorderman still looks pretty shitting fit, doesn't she? Woooo!" (We are paraphrasing a little bit.)  

We're not saying that Vorderman regularly sacrifices baby goats at midnight and then smears their blood all over her face in order to stay looking so young and hot, but... Well, actually, we are saying that. There's no other explanation. 

Her fanbase: Vorderman's fans can be pretty intense, and are not afraid to cross into 'freakily obsessive' territory by compiling lusty-minded videos such as this one:   

A sample comment from YouTubers who enjoyed the above video: "I want to smell her bowels." Thanks for that, TheSuperfrickensexy...

We dare you to disagree!
Not convinced by our MAMification of Carol? Reckon there's a MAMier telly presenter out there? Then let's hear who and why!