Jennifer Lopez
(Pictured above, getting all sweaty and sing-songy in Brazil last night)

Age: 42

Cougar pedigree: Singer/actor/pub soft-drink J-Lo was recently reported, by the eternally tut-tutting Daily Mail, to be “prowling” around Miami with her 25-year-old toyboy, Casper Smart. Way to make her sound like some youth club-stalking nonce!

Why we love her: Mum-of-two J-Lo recently posed (almost) billy-bollocks naked for a Yank magazine – and looked bloody amazing while doing so. We wish our mum looked like that! No… wait. No we don’t.

How scary is she? Not that scary
about as scary as a playful, sexy bear. It’s J-Lo’s voluminous mega-bum that scares us – and our weedy little legs – the most.

Words: Simon Hudson


La Lopez, live in Brazil last week: still got it, ain't she