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Posted by , 17 December 2013

December 17: Bryony Morganna

December 17: Bryony Morganna

17 days into December and we thought it was time to find out some sexy lady secrets, with a little help from today's sexy Advent Calendar girl, Bryony, and her three hot friends, Lauren, Robyn and Ayesha.

Are ladies just as likely to indulge in some "self-love" when they’re home alone with the curtains drawn? 

FHM set up our own research group: four hot girls in a room with beer, snacks and the task of spilling all on just how often they go solo...
 Bryony Morganna

Who really masturbates more, guys or girls?

Lauren: It’s a close one, but I still think boys do it more. 

Bryony: I agree. My boyfriend opens the laptop and it takes 10 seconds. I don’t care to be honest.

Robyn: I don’t get why they do it so often when they can get sex off us.

Ayesha: It’s a dick thing. Sometimes they can’t be bothered with the whole sexual routine.

Do you dabble in self-love?

Lauren: I’ve played, but I’ve not gone all the way and come. I feel boring now!

Ayesha: I was under the impression that all women masturbated.

Bryony: I wouldn’t be able to actually get turned on without a guy. I’ve always had sex on tap. 

Robyn: Really? I’ve got a dildo and that works for me. 

Ayesha: I’ve used a vibrator before, and it gets you there quicker than a guy or your own hand would…

Robyn: You can do it in two minutes with a vibrator!

Ayesha: I like taking my time, though. That’s why I’m more of a masturbator – because I haven’t had sex on tap.

Where are your favourite places to masturbate?

Ayesha: The bed, the bath and the shower. Oh, shower nozzles! Girls like to feel relaxed, where as guys are more able to just do it anywhere – on a train, in the toilet. Masturbation is more sexy for girls, but guys can just whack one out.

Robyn: They’re doing it for a release, rather than the pleasure involved. 

Bryony: They’re doing it for the orgasm! 

Ayesha: Women are built much more for masturbation. We’re able to reach our own G-spot, but for guys it’s awkward because it’s in their anus [laughs]. 

How long does a session tend to last?

Ayesha: It depends. It can take two to five minutes… 

Robyn: Is that it?

Ayesha: Sometimes it lasts a couple of hours. I like taking my time.

Robyn: I’ve got a vibrator. It’s a pink rabbit one and it’s got three settings. If I use it on the highest setting, that probably takes me about five minutes. 

Ayesha: I don’t like vibrators, because I think they’re going to ruin sex. 

Lauren: That’s what scares me about masturbating. I don’t want to be with someone after using a vibrator and then be like, “Oh, well. This is shit.’”

So how many times a week do you do it?

Ayesha: Seven to 14 times a week.

Robyn: Once a month. It’s usually when I’ve got an empty house. I get turned on and then I’m like, “Shit, there are no batteries,” and I run around the house like, “Remotes! Now!” When you decide you want to do it, you can’t just be like, “Later.” You’re like, “It’s gonna happen now.”

Ayesha: The moment just comes, doesn’t it? I do it when I get in from work. It’s my equivalent to a beer.


Turns out that we're not the only ones that should be worried about hairy palms. They might look sweet and innocent, but the chances are that your girlfriend thinks about a sneaky DIY session almost as much as you do.

That said, they are a little more subtle about it and definitely more efficient in terms of the tools they use to get the job done. We've also solved the age-old mystery of why women love a nice long bath so much...

Words: Sally McIlhone

Find out more astonishing sexy lady truths in the latest issue out now...



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