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Posted by , 23 December 2013

December 23: Nicole Neal

December 23: Nicole Neal

Did you know that the incredible Nicole Neal is as talented as she is sexy? She studied Fine Art and has had to rub out the odd Johnson in her time. What? No, you filthy animal, we're talking about life drawing.

Here's Nicole's guide to drawing nudes...

Be serious

The moment you laugh is the moment you lose your concentration, so you need to keep a straight face at all times. Yes, even if the model is naked and has a weird body part or bends over and touches their toes while showing you their bottom.

Nicole Neal for FHM

Be harsh

People have a tendency to try to make people look better than they really do, but that's not the point. You need to draw what you see, not what you think the model wants you to see.

Nicole Neal for FHM

Experiment with utensils

People often stick to a pencil, but that's not always the medium they are best at. I used to light a match, let it burn out and then use the charcoal on the tip to draw, because I loved the effect it gave.

Nicole Neal for FHM

Stand up for your work

The art world can be brutal. People criticise your stuff all the time, so never show any weakness. Back it 100% because if you don't, someone will rip you to shreds.

Nicole Neal for FHM

Slag off other people's work

Because the art world's brutal, it's best to get your blow in first. Even if you think it's amazing, make sure you slate it so they have to spend their time defending their work rather than slating yours.

Nicole Neal for FHM

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