Last week we asked you to send in your smokin' hot summer tanline pics for an FHM feature.

Seven days in, and we've been overwhelmed with the response. We've had pics from Marbella, pics from Ibiza, pics from Ayia Napa, even pics from Scunthorpe.

This here pic was sent to us from the balmy coast of Spain. Can you guess which body part it is?


If you said bum-crack, then you sir, are wrong. If you said waist, then you sir, are correct. Pat yourself on the back.

Despite the sexy thermometer hitting record highs in the FHM office, we still want more pics of your sizzling hot tan lines. We're greedy like that.

If you're a lovely lady, and you're of legal age*, send us your pics to and you could appear in FHM magazine. You could also win an almighty prize.




* Please don't send us photos if you're under 18 years of age. We don't want to get sent to D-wing with all the nonces.

* If you're a guy and you've taken pics of your girlfriend's tan-lines, don't send them in without getting her permission first.

* We can't print pics of nipples or front bottoms, so keep it clean(ish). A bit of side-boob or bum-cheek is fine, though. Oh yeeeah.