FHM's Ultimate Lingerie Video Collection

Posted by , 08 September 2011

FHM's Ultimate Lingerie Video Collection


In no particular order, three of the greatest inventions that mankind has produced over its many years have to be: that ketchup self-dispensing thing at McDonald’s, the dishwasher and lingerie.

But, as good as going mad with sauces for your chips and forgetting about washing up forever is (except when it breaks and your dad can’t make it over for a ENTIRE WEEK to come and fix it), we think lingerie could just about top the lot for brilliant ideas. Why? For one very good reason: it requires models to parade around in it.

After all, what good is it having lots of lovely lingerie – in all different shapes, colours, sizes and even bloody materials – if there’s nobody in the world to fit so perfectly into the delicately-stitched corners (hey, we’re after quality no matter what it’s for, yeah?)

It should also be said that lingerie and swimwear go hand in hand, really – especially when it comes to such complexions of beauty as the top models of the world, whom you’re about to see mill about on video being all sexy and that. After all, swimwear is basically lingerie you can go into the sea/swimming pool/unnecessarily wear in your local park during those two days of summer we get every year.

So, it’s time to pay tribute to lingerie and the very finest examples of the human species who show off just why it’s so ruddy, bloody brilliant. Starring the likes of Kate Upton, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Candice Swanepoel and many more, it's time to roll tape...

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