The sun is shining, the Olympic golds keep coming and it’s nearly beer o’clock. Life is pretty god-damned good, right?

Well, for just 390 pennies, it could get a whole load better.

The Home Office have officially declared that the new issue of FHM is ‘the best ever’. 

Aside from the 14 sexiest ladies in soap, 9 dodgy haircuts, 4 pictures of Van Damme doing the splits, 10 frozen alco-tipples, 7 dapper hats, 10 things never to say at work and 26 sexy facts about 50 Shades [draw breath], here are 3 more awesome reasons to get planet Britain’s best magazine:

(1) Premiership 2022

What do you think the world’s greatest league will look like in ten years' time?

Guttingly, when we asked a bunch of experts they didn’t tell us that players would arrive at games on hoverboards and kick around a ball made of electrons.

But they did tell us all sorts of other pretty incredible stuff though. Rooney with a ponytail? Players with branded tattoos? Bigger goal mouths? £1m-a-week wages? Yep, you read it here first.

(2) Jorgie Porter

It’s official: we’re not only bloody good at creating Olympic champions, we’re also world class at giving the world the sexiest soap stars.

The hottest of the hot is this month’s cover star, Jorgie Porter, seen here stretching out on our lawn after a dip in a very cold pool with not many clothes on.

And if that’s not enough for you, you can also see our rundown of the hottest girls in soap of all time. Keegan, Kylie… Madge Bishop?

(3) Haye Vs Chisora

The dust may have settled on the biggest fight of the year but the autopsy has only just begun.

Is this a new beginning for David Haye? Is it the end for Dereck Chisora? We spent time with both of boxing’s bad boys to find out.

Find this, and a whole load more, only in this month's FHM.