01. In January 2005, a 20-year-old Prince Harry made the front cover of newspaper after sporting a Nazi uniform to a fancy dress party. Luckily for him, he’s kept a pretty low profile ever since – you couldn’t accuse him of “naked ambition”, or of “stripping naked in a Las Vegas hotel room”…

02. Ever the controversial character, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson divorced Prince Andrew, Duke of York, in January 1992. In August that same year, she was photographed sunbathing topless, having her toes sucked by a wealthy American financial manager.

03. No stranger to scandal himself, Prince Andrew raised a few royal eyebrows after having a fling with actress Koo Stark, who was best known at the time for her role in certain “adult movies” – most notably the film Emily, in which Stark gets, well, starkers in a nuddie shower scene with another woman.

04. King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, third cousin of our own Queen Elizabeth II, is a lot more care-free about displaying his own crown jewels than his English counterpart. The Swede sent shockwaves through his land in 2010 after allegations surfaced that he’d attended wild sex parties and alcohol-fuelled orgies, all while married to his wife, Queen Silvia.

05. Catherine the Great, one-time Empress of Russia (1729 - 1796), was the ultimate royal cougar. She had many an affair in her day, but was particularly partial to younger men, some not even half her age.

That's your facts. Now do you want to see Alison Brie seemingly pulling off two invisible men? OK, but first, here's a gif of a guy putting a hat on in a creative manner.

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