If you've already bought this month's issue of FHM, you can stop reading here, scroll down to the pictures, and give yourself a hearty pat on the back.

If, however, you haven't, then you are in danger of being classed as what is known in some circles as 'an idiot'. That's because for a paltry 390 pennies, you get not only a free 100 Sexiest book with 100 amazingly sexy pictures of the hottest women in all the world, but also a brilliantly brilliant issue of FHM, with more sexy, useful and funny content than you can throw a cat at.

Here are the top five sexy reasons to get off your arse and hit up your local magazine-tender pronto:

(1) Tulisa's on the cover (and she's very fit)

 Tulisa looking very fit for FHM


 (2) Jade likes reading books (and sexy red underwear)

Jade Elliot looking very fit


 Tulisa looking very sexy in red trousers(3) Mel Clarke tries out some chili sauces with her fit mate, then cools down with some milk

Mel Clarke drinking milk


(4) Georgia Salpa has literally the world's best body

Georgia Salpa in her pants


(5) See point 4...

Georgia Salpa in her pants looking hot