Girls are a complex bunch. Whereas men have only 10 body signals that show they’re interested in bedding a lady (one of which is a semi straining against their trousers) women can display up to 52 telltale signs, according to behavioural psychologists.
Here are five key ones to watch out for…
She shows you her sexy wrists
If the hot girl you’re speaking to starts coyly pulling up the sleeves on her jumper, it’s a sure sign you’re in.
Obviously, don’t proposition her with The Sex there and then, but it is a good indicator that she’s attracted to you.
According to scientists, if a girl exposes her wrists it’s a subconscious way of showing that she’s soft, tender and available.

Nicole Neal Naked Hot
Nicole showing her lovely wrists

She looks like she’s on drugs
We don’t mean gurning or dribbling a bit – more that her pupils are dilating in a sexy manner.
“Eyes are not the window to the soul,” says psychologist Sam Turner, “rather one into the bedroom.”
“Women’s pupils dilate when they find a guy attractive, and likewise men find women with big dark eyes alluring. It’s evolutionary phenomenon which helped many a couple hook-up!”
She pushes her Bacardi Breezer towards you
Don’t worry – she’s not trying to get you to knock back a fragrant lady-booze.
“Women subconsciously want to close the physical distance between themselves and someone they fancy,” says Turner. “It means we want intimacy.”

Nicole Neal Naked Hot Bum
Nicole just moments before she pushes a Bacardi Breezer in your direction

She @s you and # you frequently
It’s the new version of “mention-itus”: instead of talking about someone frequently, a modern woman who has a passing interest of exploring your pants will display her keenness via social media.
“I try to resist it,” says FHM model Claire Evans, “but if I like a bloke, I’ll start finding excuses to mention him on Facebook and Twitter.”
“I’ll think of some lame subject and talk with them on instant chat and the like. And I’ll send them random links to stuff as a conversation-starter”.

 Nicole Neal Naked
Nicole looking for her phone down the side of the sofa so she can send you a sexy tweet

She’ll punch you
There’s a fine line between genuine aggression and light, flirtatious body contact.

A soft punch to the body, or any type of subtle but unnecessary body contact, is a classic sign of sexual attraction.
If she gives you a bloody nose or a black eye, however, then sorry, all the signs are pointing towards the fact that you’re probably not going to get a blowjob tonight.


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