Frankie Sandford is hot. That's a fact. You just can't argue with it. Go on, try. See? You can't. Told you. Don't question us again. 

Tight purple dresses with little bits missing are also hot.

We're no mathematicians but we've worked out this little equation:

Hot + Hot = DOUBLE HOT

In your face, Einstein

Frankie and the rest of The Saturdays were performing at Twickenham to support Help For Heroes. That's a good cause. Good work, The Saturdays. 

Well, hello there, Mollie King. Nice of you to show up, and don't you look bloody marvelous in a nice pink dress. Your dress has got a bit missing as well, we see. It seems The Saturdays' changing room has been ravished by a plague of moths. Good work, moths. 

Aw look, The Saturdays are all together now. There they are: Rochelle Wiseman... Karl Pilkington... Vanessa White... Frankie Sandford... Mollie King... Una Healy...

Wait! What? Karl Pilkington? Since when was he in The Saturdays? The cheeky round-headed rogue has only snuck on stage and started strumming away at an electric guitar.

Moths and Karl Pilkington? And they say being a pop star is easy.

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