Gemma Arterton got all spruced up for a screening of her film Tamara Drewe in New York. The Cinema Society and Altoids screening was held at the Crosby Street Hotel (yeah, that one) and Gemma was there. There was probably other people there too – as good as Gemma is she didn’t quite write, star in, direct, and produce the whole film herself – but who cares?

She's looking at you, and she's not impressed.

Of course, 24-year-old Gemma is married; so don’t go impulse buying a ticket to JFK. She could well have left New York by now anyway so that would be a complete waste of money. Not that in any way we’re endorsing stalking, mind. I’m sure you could invite her to your own independent Wednesday evening two-for-one style film club screening of the film, sponsored by Wrigley’s, but don’t get your hopes up.

Aside from her acting in the film, also on display was Gemma’s ability to face a camera even when her back is turned. So talented she is.

And then, just to prove she has another string to her posing-for-pictures bow, she stood front on. Magical.

Some of Gemma’s upcoming films in 2011 include In with the Outlaws and The Keys to the Street, and the Tamara Drewe worldwide release dates stretch as far as the end of the year. Which all means there are plenty more opportunities to see her on-screen and at similar posh hotel style screenings. Hoorah.