Last week, we made sure to tell you that the chaps over at Esquire had picked who they (or, at the very least, who their readers) thought was the sexiest woman in the world – Katrina Bowden. They celebrated by taking all sorts of pictures of her in her pants at home.

We were entirely behind this, but as it turns out (we say, with a mad smile and glint in our eye) that they do a “Me In My Place” feature every single month with a different model. 

In said “Me In My Place” article, the model (who this month is Genevieve Morton, by the way, who we linked you to yesterday as part of our latest Midweek In Women extravaganza) sits around wearing not very much and looking lovely, but in a sort of “just woken up and wearing your shirt to go and make coffee” sort of way.

Genevieve Morton in a sexy shoot for Esquire
Bras: not really required

This is charming, because – frankly – once you get a lady all glammed up, she looks great, but unattainable. For instance, we can’t really imagine going out with Sophie Turner, for example. She’s too well-presented and we’re simply humans that have to do mundane things like eat and sleep and scratch ourselves and go to the bathroom.

So on the odd occasions that a magazine schedules a more laid-back, “oh I’ll just throw on some clothes and happen to look ridiculously sexy” photo shoot, we’re grateful, because then maybe – just maybe! – we can believe could be with someone gorgeous like Genevieve Morton, and not just crying into our cold chips after another night of rejection. 

Thanks, Esquire. Thesquire