Georgia Salpa is officially Ireland’s most desirable Valentine’s Day date, with a stonking 52% of the public vote, and she’s officially more popular with the British public than Louis Spence’s right-hand man Andrew Stone, having waved cheerio to him in Celebrity Big Brother 2012.

She’s also permanently glued to her iPhone, and can’t get enough of her top five apps:


Twitter App

I love Twitter. I joined about seven months ago. I’m absolutely addicted to it. I love it and I’m always on it.

I’ve got 160,000 followers. I’m really lucky, actually, because most of my comments are really nice. I get lots of ones from girls and some dirty ones from guys – some really odd ones! They’re actually so funny; me and my friends laugh at them. I don't really get much in the way of bad comments, so that’s good.

Georgia Salpa Twitter

I try and reply, at least to say “thanks”. I think it’s good to reply if someone sends you something nice.

I don’t think you really know when you’ve lost followers, because it doesn’t tell you. If you put up a picture and people retweet it, that will get you more followers. Or if other people tweet you that have a lot of followers, you’ll get a lot more.

I follow Alan Carr – he’s funny. Jonathan Ross… Kim Kardashian… some models, I like it when they put up photos. I like just looking at other people’s photos and things like that.

Georgia Salpa's Twitter is @georgiasalpa. Follow her, she's dead nice.


WhatsApp App

I use it all the time, just for talking to my friends. You can do a group chat, so maybe five of my friends will all talk together at the same time. You can send each other photos. It’s brilliant, I’m always on that. It’s free, as well, so everyone uses it.

Georgia Salpa hotpants


Sky Go App

This is really useful when I’m traveling around, to and from Ireland, as it means I don’t have to miss my favourite shows.

I love all the reality shows; I watch a lot of those. I like a lot of the American ones. I’ve recently started watching The Wire; I’m really into that. I watch loads of TV. I love Modern Family; that’s one of my favourite shows, and I try to never miss it.

I’m really into cooking programmes, too. I can’t cook, but I love watching them. Maybe I should get some good cooking apps!

Georgia Salpa hot


[N.B. We didn’t force Georgia to include this, like a needy girlfriend saying “Don’t you love me? Say it, then, SAY IT”, but we do feel that perhaps she’s just so bloody nice she said it to make us smile. It worked.]

FHM Calendar App

This is really handy as it means I know about festivals and events coming up.

I like going to all the festivals. There’s one in island called Electric Picnic, and I also love Glastonbury. I tend to go to quite a few, throughout the year.

I also love going to gigs, and this tells me what's coming up. I like hip hop, pop, drum ‘n’ bass, jungle – that kind of stuff. Calvin Harris and Drake are my favourite artists right now.

Georgia Salpa New York


TwitPic App

I tweet pictures if I’m on a shoot, or if I’m out with my friends, or just things I see that I like – like if I’m shopping and I see a nice pair of shoes – things like that.

That’s my favourite thing, when people upload photos. I just love looking at other people’s photos, of anything and everything, really.

Georgia Salpa Ed Sheeran

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