Hands up who likes Boardwalk Empire? Somewhere in Sky’s studios a perfectly manicured right mitt has just thrust itself into the air. Why? Because it turns out Georgie Thompson is as addicted to Nucky Thompson's travails as you are.

The Sky Sports News fox got a sneak preview of the prohibition drama when she attended the launch of Sky Atlantic and was so impressed that she now ranks the Atlantic City-based crime series alongside Mad Men as her “favourite programme” on the box.

”Sky Atlantic is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G,” tweeted the 33-year-old. “Loving Boardwalk Empire, can’t wait to get stuck into it.”

Now if we work under the assumption that Georgie doesn’t believe it’s possible for a human to transport themselves into a TV show and become stuck inside it, then this means that Georgie has the same taste in television as we do. Which means she’s just risen another ten places in our ‘women we’d like to spend some special time with’ list.

Unfortunately, there’s a certain small Geordie standing in the way of this happening. His name’s Declan Donnelly, and Georgie and he are what’s known in the schoolyard as an ‘item’. They have been courting for two years.

"My family love him to pieces,” gushes Georgie. “Even my dog Rollo loves him.”

Rollo? Rollo! What sort of name is that for a dog? Dog’s should be called Rover, not Rollo. Sprint to the Doggy Deed Poll office, Georgie. Or we might not vote for you in our Sexiest Women in the World poll. Note: that’s all big talk. We’re going to vote for you. And Charlotte Jackson. And maybe even Jim White. What can we say? Come transfer deadline day, he’s dynamite.

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