First things first: Ginta Lapina is not an intuitive name to spell. Is it pronounced “Ghin-ter” or “Jin-ta?” We just don’t know. What we do know is that Ginta Lapina has recently done some modelling for Victoria’s Secret, and on account of her being so cute we figured that we’d show you the resultant pictures.

Ginta Lapina for Victoria's Secret
'Cause we're just nice like that

Now, we don’t know anything about Ginta Lapina at all, aside from what her Wikipedia article can tell us. She’s not especially famous yet, see, so we’ll have to fall back on our old reliable and sort of cobble together an article out of that. A little like an orphan dressed in clothes made of rags that he’s found. Here’s a rundown of the top four things we could find out about Ginta Lapina at short notice:

Ginta Lapina for Victoria's Secret
Brace yourselves, it's a hell of a top four

Ginta Lapina is 21 years old. This means that, should you take her on a date in America, you can buy her a fine wine or colourful cocktail and not get arrested. Good stuff.

Ginta Lapina was initially recruited by a modelling firm called DANDY. That’s right, DANDY, all caps. We hope against hope that the representative was either a) a literal dandy, so he rocked up in a frock coat and wig then fainted nearby, or b) dressed like Desperate Dan. We seriously doubt either of these things happened.

Ginta Lapina for Victoria's Secret
Shame though

Ginta Lapina’s hobbies include listening to rap music, swimming, and playing volleyball. Sounds like a well-adjusted young woman to us. Unusually for a list of hobbies, she could do all three of these at the same time and not be thought of as weird.

Ginta Lapina has been on the front cover of Velvet magazine. Two “funny” misinterpretations here; either a) it’s a magazine actually made out of velvet or b) it’s a magazine about velvet and velvet byproducts. Or, actually, c) both. You can choose whichever one you think is best. Or write your own, whatever.

Ginta Lapina for Victoria's Secret
We're not here for your bloody entertainment. Wait, shit, we are here for that

Hope you enjoyed the article! And by “enjoyed” we mean “looked at,” and by “article” we mean “pictures.” If you’d like to look at some more pictures of Ginta, then head over to where there are many more shots of her in her pants.