To our second girl band of the day: The Saturdays. They’ve been around for a while now and they still seem like Girls Aloud’s naughty little sisters. Which is cool seeing as we’ve got no idea what Girls Aloud are doing and we were looking for a contender to fill the void. Because, as you well know, life without a girlband is rubbish.

Et voila! Half the amount of clothing. Magic or what?

This weekend, The Saturdays took time out of their busy schedule to perform for the lovely people of Essex. It was at Audley End House for the English Heritage Picnic Concert, since you ask. Where is that? Thanks for being so inquisitive. We’re not sure, so we didn’t go. The sat-nav’s on the blink and our map reading skills are dismally sub-par now Duke of Edinburgh’s a distant memory.

Thankfully though, some thoughtful people took pictures, which means we are now able to enjoy the show from the comfort of our desks. The pictures pay particular attention to Frankie Sandford and her ever-so-small pink t-shirt. It takes a lot of courage to wear a shirt so tiny, so we hope she didn’t catch a chill. These British summers are particularly unforgiving to girls with Frankie’s ‘out there’ fashion sense.

Hedgehog is the new black

One person even took this video on their mobile phone meaning we managed to see the girls perform almost as if we were there. Amazing. We’ll never have to go to a gig again.

As you can see from the video, the girls did some pretty impressive dance routines to their new single All Fired Up. It’s fun when they stand in a line all in height order. Like The Sound of Music, but with less clothes. It’s family fun all round.