Gisele Bundchen is an underwear model (one of our favourite jobs in the world – we wouldn’t want to do it ourselves, obviously, but we’re endlessly glad that it exists as a profession*) so these shots of her modelling underwear for Intimate lingerie should come as precisely zero surprise to you. If your monocle’s dropped out with shock, we’re not even going to apologise. Get with the times, man. This is what she does.

Gisele Bundchen for Intimate
Although congratulations on wearing a monocle

Similarly, her gorgeousness shouldn’t wrong-foot you either. What were you expecting? She’s looked fantastic all these past years – what with being a lingerie model and everything, it kind of comes with the job – and there’s no reason for her to stop now.

Basically what we’re trying to get across is that, although Gisele has had pictures taken of her recently wearing not very much and looking great, such events really aren’t out of the ordinary. Such events aren’t really even news.

We’re not going to lie to you like some other publications might: we won’t dredge up quotes and chat about the product, report on what Gisele’s up to at this moment in time or even (horror of horrors) do some actual research into Intimate, the company that made the bras.

Should have written that smaller. Rookie mistake

Any website that even tries to do that is kidding itself. Why are you reading this article? Because you want to look at pictures of professionally gorgeous lady Gisele not wearing very much at all, and maybe have a laugh while you’re doing it. That’s fine. That’s perfectly natural. There’s no shame in that, and you don’t need to pretend you’re catching up on the toings and froings of the world while you do it.

So, in short: Here is Gisele in some underwear. She looks great. Enjoy that. FHM = 100% Truth, 0% News.

*So in that way it’s not unlike working in a kebab shop, but sexy