You've probably seen Glee. You probably deny it, because it's 'for girls and gays', but we've all seen it at some point or another. You can't turn on E4 without at least getting a promo for it. So you'll recognise the two girls here taking their clothes off for US GQ.

Dianna Agron, Corey Monteith and Lea Michell on US GQ Cover

Dianna Agron and Lea Michelle play, respectively, formerly pregnant cheerleader Quinn and obnoxious nerd Rachel. In this photo shoot they play, respectively, hot blonde cheerleader in tiny, tiny skirt, and Pantslady. Lea Michelle could be described, based on these shots, as 'up for it'. Dianna is the more traditionally attractive one, but it's surprising that Lea actuallt looks hotter here. Go nerds.

Lea Michelle in her pants in GQ

Glee is currently in its second season in America. GQ describes it as the "biggest show in America", which is a fair assessment. Technically, it's not the most watched TV show in the US, that would be American Idol, but in terms of people talking about it on the street, that's probably fair. Depends on the street, though. Probably not big chat on Wall Street.

dianna agron sexy for US GQ

Perhaps this is a sign of the series trying to appeal to a new lady-loving demographic. Or perhaps it's a sign that people in pants will always be talked about. Modern sexual politics, tricky.

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