See? We made a joke. We’re funny like that. She’s “taking off” because a) her career is doing well and b) she’s got wings on! Haha. Good stuff. Top draw.

Cintia Dicker, who is still for reasons unknown using that actual name, has stopped wearing bikinis on the beach and is instead wearing them at the Monange fashion show. We don’t really know what the Monange fashion show is, and as a full description wasn’t on the first page of Google search results we probably never will.

Cintia Dicker dons wings for Monange

It took place in Brazil (we think!) and featured a load of ridiculously beautiful women wearing ridiculous clothing and looking good underneath it. Just like most fashion shows then, although this one has explosive pyrotechnics, loud rock music and massive wings on many of the participants.

Cintia Dicker straps on some Centurion armour for Monange
Also she was dressed up as a sexy centurion. No, we don't understand either

The show ended with a funky dance that had girls like Adriana Lime and Alessandra Ambrosio shaking their funky stuff and dancing around. And we’re not sure, but is that Irina Shayk waving to the crowds?

Even if it’s not, it looks a lot like her, so let’s pretend it was.

Cintia boasted a pair of wings, because nothing accentuates a bikini like tribal shoulderwear. She reminds us of the ridiculously sexy Victoria’s Secret show from back in 2010 where they all wore fancy wings and trotted about in their pants, viz:

Bra-mounted golden octopus proved popular

Nice stuff. Cintia, as is her wont (and her job description) walked around wearing not very much and some impromptu flying gear, and looked great. Good for her.

Cintia Dicker dons wings for Monange
Angels: foxier than they used to be