Halle Berry  is literally never not good. She has been blessed with sexy sexy genes and she is very good about sharing those with the world. For example, last night she went to an event called The Carousel of Hope Ball, which raises money for childhood diabetes. Now, she could have turned up wearing any old tat and just said, 'Look, I'm Halle Berry. I can wear whatever the hell I want and I'll still be the best looking person here, which is why I'm wearing this old sack and not caring'. But, she didn't do that. Because she's awesome. Instead she put on no bra, something red and silky and said, 'I am HALLE BERRY. Of course I look fantastic. Bam, bitches!'

Look at her. She's phenomenal. The fact she's 44 is pretty much irrelevant. She would be incredible looking for any age.

In salute the glory that is Halle Berry, we have written a poem. It's quite a good poem. It goes a little something like this:

Oh Halle Berry, you are so very pretty
You wore a red dress and you did not look shitty
You are more dazzling that the shiny, shiny sun
We haven't had breakfast yet; we might get a bun

We'll leave you now because you're probably quite moved by that and need a few minutes to compose yourself.