Here at FHM, we’re in the market for hard-hitting news that knocks you out of your workday reverie and shocks your system. We investigate. We illuminate. That’s why, in the past, we’ve brought you such groundbreaking stories as Liz Hurley Ignores Shouting Man, That Audrina Partridge is in a Bikini Again, and the seminal Irina Shayk Wore Stupid Shorts, Still Looked Hot.

So it comes as a surprise even to us when we’re publishing articles like this one, which just features pictures of a sexy female celebrity – in this case Halle Berry - wearing nice clothes and doing something vaguely newsworthy. John Snow must be turning in his grave.*

Hally Berry does something weird with her eyebrows at the Silver Rose Gala
What's with her smirk in all these pictures, anyway?

But that’s all we have to offer, and for that, we apologise. Halle (who’s still 44 and still really, really sexy) was at the 31st Annual Silver Rose Gala in Beverly Hills, which is all in aid of a charity that supports victims and families affected by domestic abuse. That’s a pretty honourable thing to be doing, far better than, say, opening a nightclub or a mafia-themed entertainment park.

Good for her, we say. Domestic abuse is no laughing matter, which sadly makes it sort of unsuitable for our light, airy, girl-focused writing style. So we’ll have to gloss over it, say that it’s bad, and move on.

There is hope, Hope=You is a particularly uninspired slogan though

Congratulations, Halle! Hopefully you’ve made the world a better place by standing around in a tight pink dress. Well, you’ve made our world a better place, anyway.

*As a vampire, John Snow must sleep in a grave or face the impact of his 700-year lifespan catching up with him in one terrible night