Halle Berry launched her new perfume 'Reveal' in Hamburg, Germany last night. Why Germany? In a proper news report this would be the sentence where the choice of Hamburg would be reasonably explained, but we're just silly boys who put up pictures of attractive ladies with the occasional lol, so you should probably not expect that. In lieu of proper news, we have this picture of Halle Berry at said launch. This should tell you everything you need to know, assuming everything you need to know is that she looked great.

Halle Berry launches her perfume 'Reveal'

Halle Berry was wearing a dress made by someone, which really picked up on the current trend for something or other. That shit's straight off the catwalk. Here is some irrefutable proof to support our assertion that Halle Berry in fact wore a dress while being in Hamburg for perfume-related reasons:

Halle Berry in Hamburg

There is an advert to go with the perfume. In said advert, Stephen Dorff asks Halle some really asinine questions, such as "What makes a man?" Her reply, "A woman". It's really pretty terrible, like a light entertainment interview conducted by a greetings card. Obviously Halle looks beautiful in the advert, because she is beautiful, but watching it still made us want to throw our computer out of the window and then sue it for being a total douche. If you also wish to be driven to throwing your computer out of the window and potentially taking legal action against it, please watch the video below. If you don't, well just carry on with your day.