Halle Berry is the dictionary definition of amazeballs. Seriously, we looked it up. Turns out the word 'amazeballs' isn't in the dictionary, so we just wrote it in small between 'amaze' and 'amazement' and put '= Halle Berry' next to it, plus a little smiley face and several hearts. Based on our advanced knowledge of how the dictionary works, that makes this definition official. Here is a visual representation of the word amazeballs.

Halle was at an event hosted by Swarovski Elements called 22 Ways To Say Black. We literally don't know what the hell that means. Are there 22 ways to say black? Thesaurus.com lists 31, but a lot of these are highly questionable. Murky, swarthy and starless do not mean black. They mean, respectively, a bit dull, quite a dark complexion, and oh-god-the-Sun's-burnt-out. These are not the same. Swarovski, you have set yourself an arguably impossible task. Anyway, back to Halle. It is possible her dress is see-through. See.

It's difficult to tell. It might be see-through, but it might not be. It's one of the questions that will likely tax mankind for the rest of time, like 'why are we here?', or 'why do Fruit Pastilles packets contain so many green ones when everyone knows green ones are essentially a bit horrible?' and 'If you blow really hard up a dog's nose could you make its ears whistle?'

That's the end of this Halle Berry story. BYE HALLE BERRY!