This week, Cheryl Cole revealed that ("OK, fine, if I must"), she'll take the £1.5 million and come back to The X Factor.

How did she reveal it? By Instagramming this with the caption "GUESS WHAT!!..  I'm baaaacccckkkkk!!!! #iMayActuallyRingHisNeck #XFactor2014  #leggooo"

We're not sure what Lego has to do with anything, but there are a lot of reasons why this picture made us happy.

In fact, Cheryl's return is probably the best news we've heard this week so far. OK, maybe not the best news that we've heard, but definitely the best X Factor-related news we've heard. Because if there's anything that'll make The X Factor that more watchable, it's sticking someone like Cheryl Cole, the sexy hottie of the people, on the judging panel.

Start getting excited for such Cheryl-based antics as...

The salute.


Giving Cowell the sass.

That tongue thing she does.




Controversially 'mime-singing' her own songs...

Doing impressions of Cher Lloyd.

Showing a complete facial disregard for how shit some of the contestants are.


And those dimples...



There's also a slim chance that she might dress like a sexy garden with big hair again. Which would be lovely...


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