Not content with letting her big sis Kara Tointon hog all the limelight, Hannah Tointon is quietly making herself known as a force to be reckoned with. She may look angelic, but don't let that fool you. The word is that The Inbetwetweeners star has made several attempts at sabotaging Kara's dance routines on Strictly Come Dancing by wearing a gorilla mask while waving her arms and making rude gestures in the background during the live show. As of yet, Kara has remained unfazed. Hannah, we suggest that next week you try a Supersoaker 5000. Let's see if she's left standing then.

The Inbetweeners cast on Variety Club Awards

She wasn't the only cast member at The Co-operative Variety Club Showbiz Awards, oh no. Emily Head was also present and accounted for, as was Will's fit mum, Belinda Stewart-Wilson, and Greg Davies, who was acting as bouncer-in-residence for the evening. Sorry about the top of his head being cut off. The photographer was lying on the ground when he took this photo but Greg still wouldn't entirely fit in the lens. What do you expect? He's 9ft 6in, according to our tape measure.

Hannah Tointon at Variety Club Showbiz Awards

And it was a bit of luck that some of the supporting cast bothered to turn up in the end, because they picked up Best Comedy Award. Which we think they thoroughly deserved, if we say so ourselves. So, we'd like to thank The Co-operative for sponsoring this event and providing us with a thoroughly good excuse for displaying Hannah. Though we still maintain that if you're considering purchasing any perishable goods in their food stores, take yourself off to ALDI instead. Just to be on the safe side.