The Saturdays have been busy lately. When they're not larking around in Los Angeles, they're helping heroes by performing in moth-eaten dresses with Karl Pilkington.

How they found time to record their new music video, we'll never know. But they did. Which is good. Because it means we can watch it. 

While watching the video, we couldn't help thinking how blooming fantastic Mollie King looks. Almost, dare we say it, better than Frankie Sandford

It's not that we don't like Frankie Sandford's new hairdo, maybe we just need a bit of time to get used to it. We still think she looks absolutely smashing, but Mollie King looks so fantastic in the new video it's making us question what we thought was a concrete 1-2.  

It's lucky really that we don't have to choose between them.

Because The Saturdays are so good, we can just enjoy every part of them.

We'd imagine it's a bit like being a Man Utd fan, in a way: Wayne Rooney (Frankie Sandford) has always been your favourite but when he (she) is a bit off form, Dimitar Berbatov (Mollie King) steps up and smashes in a delightful hat-trick (looks pretty). 

Except it's not like being a Man Utd fan because no one hates you for liking The Saturdays, there's no Gary Neville in The Saturdays and The Saturdays' manager doesn't refuse to speak to the BBC.

That analogy all made sense, right?

Well worth £30.8m

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2/ Want The Saturdays on your desktop?

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