The really-rather-good-looking Hayden Panettiere fancied a beer, so naturally she headed to Munich. Yes, the Heroes beauty took it upon herself to literally keep up with the Kardashians and joined in the fun at Oktoberfest this weekend.

Fully clad in her own take on the Bavarian get-up, just as Kim Kardashian also had last week, Hayden flexed her biceps to put beer to mouth. Well, we assume she did – either that or she just stood around holding a tankard and smiling. Either way is fine with us.

The 21-year-old was at the festival with Wladimir Klitschko, which could well have been his training camp if he followed the Ricky Hatton regime between fights: Beer, kebab, beer, kebab, beer. Surely Klitschko must include long, intense sessions of 'looking at Hayden' too. Who wouldn't?

Miss Panettiere is actually stood with Klitschko here, but after a long meeting and many cross-continental phone calls we decided that we’d leave him out and keep Hayden in. It was a tough call under immense pressure but that’s what separates us from, well, boxing websites.

Now we could try and decide who looked hotter between Hayden and Kim, but after our last attempt to do that with Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman in Venice still fresh in the memory, we’ll leave it. One thing that is for sure though: interest in traditional Bavarian costumes just went skywards.