Hayden Panettiere has been boxing. Watching boxing. You know she’s going out with Wladimir Klitschko – the Ukranian boxer? “Ahh” you say. “That’s why she’s at a bout, she’s watching her ridiculously massive and easily-able-to-beat-us-up-but-we-want-her-more-than-him boyfriend”. (Sure you said that) Wrong. She was watching her boyfriend’s brother.

Yeah, bit weird really – she’s attracted to a Ukranian guy who smashes seven bells out of other blokes, and then sits watching a rather similar Ukranian guy from the same family smash seven bells out of other blokes too. We’re insinuating nothing. We never insinuate anything, or use the word insinuate this many times in the same sentence. Instead, we’re looking at Hayden’s legs that were on display ringside:

Lovely. You do wonder how anyone can focus on boxing though when you’ve got that in your corner…maybe Klitschko (whichever one she’s seeing) knows she is so far out of his league that he thinks the best way to keep her is by knocking out every single other man on the planet. Having seen the aftermath of when David Haye planted a right hook on FHM we’re starting to think maybe he can have her.

Then again, maybe he can’t. We mean, look at her face:


That’s it. We could take him on and woo Hayden with our collective prowess. FHM against Klitschko, a whole writing desk (of varying heights and physiques) against one huge man. It could be a close one. We’ll need to hit the road and the weights, but we can get there. Cue Eye of the Tiger…

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