In every single picture of Hayden Panettiere that we have on this site, you’ll note that she’s done up all pretty like. Whether she’s at a premier for Scream 4, watching her boyfriend’s brother knock the tar out of someone in a boxing match, petting a baby wolf or just strapping on a ridiculous folk costume and downing a couple of tankards of fine German beer, Hayden is dolled the hell up.

Hayden Panettiere and some bloke who looks like Jesus
Hayden Panettiere has found Jesus

Which is why, in these shots of her attending a benefit party for the Surfrider Foundation, we’re sort of pleased to see the other side of her. As you can see, her shorts are leaving her a bit cold so she’s put on a nice wooly hat (or maybe some form of tea cosy, it’s not clear) to stay warm, rather than say a pair of trousers or something.

Reminds us of Craig David with his wooly hat and vest. Jesus, put a jumper on if you’re that cold, Craig.

Craig David is so slick it's like he's covered in grease. It's disgusting

The Surfrider foundation seems to be founded by surfers (fair enough) when they found that their favourite wave, the “First Point,” was about to be destroyed. They’ve been fighting hard to years to preserve the ecology of beaches and waterways and make sure people can enjoy them for years to come.

Maybe we’re misunderstanding their mission statement, but how can you destroy a wave? Aren’t they rolly bits of water that you can* surf on for a bit, then they’re destroyed once they hit the beach? Perhaps it’s different in America. Maybe waves last for ages and go sideways along the coastline rather than futilely trying to climb up it like out silly British waves.

Hayden Panettiere at a surfer benefit gig
Pockets: frilly

*Note – we can’t surf. We tried once. All the water went up our nose. Literally ALL THE WATER. They had to close the beach and everything while it was filled back up.