Gosh, it’s been a while since we saw tiny beautiful person Hayden Panettiere. Way back in April we told you about her looking lovely at Tribeca 2011, and now – gosh, it’s all happened so soon – she’s at the premiere for Fireflies in the Garden, which she is in. She looks lovely, as you’d expect.

She broke up with her MASSIVE boyfriend Wladmir Klitschko back in May, which we’re kind of happy to hear about. If we ever got the chance to speak to her again, and the pair of them were still going out like some gender-switch David and Goliath slashfic, we’d be terrified that he’d catch us laughing a little bit too much at one of her jokes and burst through the wall, break all our bones, and retreat to the top of his beanstalk.

Hayden Panettiere at the Fireflies in the Garden premiere
He'd probably grind our bones into flour for his bread too

He’s tall, that’s what we’re trying to say. And he’s no longer so much of a problem, which is great. Although we’d still probably arrange to meet her on the Underground, or in a rabbit warren, or somewhere where he’d be at a disadvantage.

Fireflies in the Garden was made three years ago, and inexplicably it’s only now  getting a premiere. Maybe it’s printed on quite heavy reels of film or something. Anyway, it’s got Julia Roberts in so we basically won’t enjoy it on principle on account of her giant, shark-like mouth. But maybe Hayden will balance that all out.