Previously on Heroes: um, we have no idea, because, like the rest of the world, we stopped watching it when they starting merging good and bad and toying with people’s powers during series two.

The only two things we now know about Heroes are that it has been cancelled and that Hayden Panettiere still looks stunning. The pint-sized former FHM cover star was out and about in Los Angeles last night, attending the Hollywood Domino Gala presented by Circa and Bing in support of Seven Foundation.

Mmm mmm, charitable. Indeed, but this altruism isn’t the only thing we like about Hayden. We also like her body shape and her omnipresent smile – the kind of perma-grin that says, ‘Look at me world, I’m happy with my lot in life.’

And why would Hayden be happy with her lot? She’s young, she’s rich, she’s pretty, she’s successful, she’s going out with boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko and she’s playing Amanda ‘Foxy Knoxy’ Knox in Via Della Rosa, the upcoming film about the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.

"I spent five weeks talking about the case and trying to form an opinion on it,” reveals the 21-year-old actress. “It was like, ‘She’s innocent. She’s guilty. She’s innocent. She’s guilty.’

"I can’t say that I have an opinion. But, regardless of guilt, I believe she has a spirit. She’s a real person. She was a young girl who had dreams and aspirations. She went to Italy to broaden her horizons and meet new people. I don’t think guilt or innocence takes away from that.”

Wow. Hea-vy. It is, so let’s get onto a less weighty subject. Namely: FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011. Last year, Hayden finished 12th, one place above Kaya Scodelario and one place below Eva Mendes. Think she should he higher? Then embrace democracy. Vote now.

With Panettiere causing a distraction, curtain sneaked in