Hayley Mary is the lead singer of indie band The Jezabels, who played at XOYO in London last night. We think she's so cool that you should probably know a bit more about her and her band.

Firstly, that headline is a lie. No matter how cool Hayley Mary is - and that's pretty cool, take it from us - she and the rest of The Jezabels met up while at University in Australia. Producing a mix of indie, disco, pop and rock (called “Intensindie” by the band, for some reason) their first proper album, Prisoner, is out this Friday.

We're not musicians (unless you count the kazoo) so we can't speak much for the chaps and chapesses who play  instruments with the band, but Hayley's voice is absolutely fantastic - soulful, moody and enthralling, she puts us in mind of PJ Harvey. Unlike a lot of indie bands, The Jezabels manage to make effortlessly cool music without turning it into an impenetrable, ultra-hip circle-jerk that we know we should care about, but really don't.

Hayley Mary of The Jezabels playing at XOYO in London
FUN FACT: The "ultra-hip circle-jerk" is also a valid description of our dance style

Well, now that's out the way, we want to engage in some idle chat about Hayley Mary, and why she's on the site. We like her hair – it puts in mind of the girls who wouldn't talk to us at school and instead listened to something loud and unintelligible on their CD players. We like the way she has two first names. It's streamlined. Brisk.

We think her jacket's really awesome. We quite fancy her, too, in an alt kind of way, and that's refreshing sometimes. But most of all – to reiterate - she just seems really cool in a way that we're not ashamed to admit has caught our eye.

Below is The Jezabel's latest video called Endless Summer, which doesn't feature a lot of Hayley but is, importantly, quite good. Plus it's got a hot girl with a lever-action rifle and some of the finest coats we've seen in weeks, so full marks there.