Heather Morris is an actress and ex-Beyonce backing dancer who’s a member of the Glee cast. She plays a dippy cheerleader called Brittany Pierce, we’re assured, and clearly all that dancing practice has paid off.

In the above video, which you should watch if there is blood left in your body and breath in your lungs, she’s lending a hand to the fine chaps at Esquire because apparently none of them can dance. That’s okay, Esquire, we’re not very good at dancing either.

Although if you wanted to have a dance-off, we’re more than happy to bring it, as they say. On the streets.

We'll smash you like Heather Morris smashes guitars. It's ON

But someone who is good at dancing – very, very, very good at dancing – is this Heather Morris character.

On account of Esquire releasing 50 songs that "every man should be listening to” (and hey Esquire, that’s a bit presumptuous, maybe we’ve heard them already and don’t like some of them, you can’t tell us what to do you know) she’s kindly agreed to dance to them in what is possibly the sexiest manner possible, wearing a swimsuit, on camera.

Good stuff. Unfortunately she only dances to about six of the fifty possible songs, which is a terrible shame. A crime almost. Presumably they’ll be releasing footage of her doing all of the songs, or we’ll be upset.

We don’t watch Glee, on account of being too busy doing manly things like punching cows and then barbequing them whole, putting up shelves in our monster trucks to hold the spittoons or not coughing AT ALL when we’re smoking cigars.

We might start, though.