We at FHM are very jealous of Seal. Not only is he recognisable by a single name, which instantly makes you cool (see Prince, Elmo and, er... Usher?), but he is very good at doing singing and he is also married to Heidi Klum, 37, who is known for looking superb wearing not very much.

To add to this, he also has great powers of persuasion, proven by the fact he has managed to talk his wife into appearing in a music video for his latest song Secret, in which he does stuff to her while she doesn’t wear very much. Yes, we did say this was a music video.

Seal explained: "It was Heidi's idea to tell you the honest truth. It wouldn't have been something that I would have asked her to do instinctively but she loved the song and of course the song is the story of us and how we met... and our daughter.

 "She said, 'Why don't we just do something that we can be proud of, something that celebrates our love, something that Leni will have when she's older, and I figured, 'You know what, why not?'"

Yep, you heard right, folks. They made a music video which resembles soft pornography for their daughter to watch when she grows up.

And you thought your parents were embarassing.

As weird as this is, it is impossible not to admire Seal for being a man who is very good at life and Heidi Klum for her skills in lingerie wearing.

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