So, Heidi Montag went to the Pure Nightclub Halloween Party in Las Vegas. She didn’t bother to dress up. Maybe it wasn’t that sort of party, or maybe it was and she was just being a bit miserable and refusing to get into the spirit of things. We don’t know. And who are we to indulge in unfounded conjecture? We’re not the bloody Daily Mail, y’know.

It’s probably a good thing she didn’t dress up anyway, it would have been a bit confusing, because, y’know, Heidi Montag isn’t really a real person. So, had she dressed up, it would have been a bit like Catwoman going to a Halloween party dressed as Batman. Or Top Cat going to a fancy dress party in a Garfield costume. Or David Haye wearing an Audley Harrison disguise to hit the shops. Or The BFG going trick or treating in an Umpa Lumpa outfit. Or… well, you get the idea.

Instead of going to the effort and expense of dressing up and confusing us, Heidi Klum wore a revealing-by-normal-standards-but-conservative-by-her-standards dress.

We're never sure how we feel about Heidi Montag. She's become something of a hate figure.

"What is the point of Heidi Montag?" said FHM Writer Thomas Howard Esquire. "There is no point." 

Tom may have a point about Heidi Montag having no point, but she gets a pretty tough rap in 'the media', and we're not sure it's entirely deserved. It's not like she's tried to blow up a plane with printer cartridges, put a cat in a bin, or set fire to your mum. So get off her back, yeah?