FHM doesn’t like to say, 'we told you so', but, 'we told you so'. Yesterday, we came onto this site and we issued a warning. We cautioned female readers that although bold, bright pink lipstick was one of this season’s key female make-up trends, it took a special type of woman to pull it off.

Megan Fox was that type of woman. Our girlfriend wasn’t. And today we can exclusively reveal that Hilary Duff isn’t either.

Lamp's testicles were famous all over Paris

Sure the 23-year-old American actress and singer managed to pull the look off when she kept her mouth shut, but as soon as she opened her trap… DEAR. LORD. She looked like a cross between that clown who used to haunt our childhood dreams and a schoolgirl who had broken into her mum’s make-up bag.

Of course this isn’t the first time that keeping her mouth shut would have kept Hilary out of trouble. She also courted controversy when paparazzi shots revealed her celebrating her engagement to NHL player Mike Comrie with an open mouth. It was near his groin, for those who need this point rammed home.

'That girl in the window looks ridiculous. What do you mean, 'It's a mirror?''

But anyway, back to ‘Hilary auditions to be The Joker from Batman’. The shot was taken in Paris, where Hilary is currently promoting her novel Elixir, which is a story about the challenges faced by children of divorce. Wow. There literally is not one joke we can make about that subject. Thanks for ending our piece on a downer, Hilary. Thanks a lot.