Kick Ass is out now, which is great news if you liked it and want to see it again, or haven't seen it at all! If you have seen the film and don't want to see it again, then why bother clicking on the article fool?

It's kind of like Spider-man but with more violence, swearing and a better soundtrack, well almost, Hero by Nickelback was a undeniable 'choon.' Another highlight from Kick Ass is the crazy young Hit Girl, who chops and garrottes her way through various goons in the film, check out the clip above to see her playing with a butterfly knife. It's cool, but dangerous in a mum-enraging way.

Also if your interested in Kick Ass-ness you might want to check out new comic magazine CLiNT which features the exclusive comic of Kick Ass 2, by creator Mark Millar.