Turns out that ex-Playmate Holly Madison isn’t just spending her time playing beer pong with leprechauns – she’s also turned up to the grand opening of the Mob Experience held in the Tropicana hotel, Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has a pretty weird culture, once you get down to it. It’s built on things that the rest of the US frowns upon – legal prostitution and gambling, mainly – and barely anyone lives there. At any given time, most of the population of Las Vegas is visiting to lose some money in a casino or get busy with a lady of the night. History and culture, as it were, can be a little thin on the ground.

Lampshade had never been happier

So it’s no surprise then that Las Vegas has produced what amounts to a Mafia theme park. Yeah, that’s right – the “Mob Experience” is a mix of historical mafia artefacts and recreations of famous locations that give the flavour of the organised crime syndicate that have been such an intrinsic part of Sin City. 

The creators claim that the experience “neither glorifies nor vilifies the Mob,” but once you set up a website with cool blood spatters, various boasts about how many mob artefacts you have, and gunshot noises that take you through each menu, it’s pretty clear which side of the fence you stand on.

As lampshade's career grew, it decided to hire some protection

Weird. Anyway, Holly Madsion was there. She wasn’t playing drinking games (as far as we know) and there were no comedy midgets done up as mythical creatures(as far we know), but there were a couple of wiseguys packing tommy guns that wanted to make her acquaintance, as you can see here. Which is nowhere near as good.