So, Holly Madison had some pictures taken. Obviously she had some pictures taken because you can see her here in said pictures. That’s fine. What we’re trying to get it is that she had some other pictures taken of her beforehand, and then while she was looking at those pictures some further pictures were taken as you can see here.


Holly Madison at Under Parisan Skies exhibit
Holly always had problems understanding which bit of the sofa you were allowed to sit on

It seems that ex-Playboy Playmate Holly has been entirely surviving off the free food she gets at galas and grand openings, although what with the release of her new book The Showgirl Next Door: Holly Madison’s Las Vegas she’ll hopefully be able to get enough cash in to buy a can of soup or something. 

Her book is apparently a fun guide to all the different things to do in Vegas, but because it’s been written by someone who takes their clothes off for a living, we’re sure it’s good. 

Holly Madison's book The Showgirl Next Door

Her website even has a “book club” section on it where you can keep up with whatever Holly’s reading at the moment, although since the last update was in 2009 where she was reading a French Harry Potter book, we can either assume that she’s stopped updating the site or she’s really not very good at French.

In an effort to scrape together a handful of canapés and half a glass of bucks fizz to last her out the week, Holly had some pictures taken recently as part of a collection called Under Parisian Skies. They’re a bit arty and have all sorts of black and white, long-angle shots of lampposts, bins, etc but also they have Holly Madison in them, showing off her cleavage. They were taken in Paris, we think, which is nice.

Holly Madison at the Under Parisian Skies exhibit
Black and white Holly tried to get real Holly's attention, but to no avail

Not entirely sure what the point is, but she looks nice both in the pictures and in the pictures of her looking at herself in the pictures, so really, it’s okay.