Remember St Patrick’s Day? Sure you do! Why, it was last week – you drank your bodyweight in warm, sticky pre-poured pints of Guinness that didn’t even have the shamrock etched in the foam on top. 

You tried to sing an Irish folk song (it was Tubthumping, by the way, which although it has the words “Oh Danny Boy” in it, isn’t actually an Irish folk song). You picked a fight with a parked car and lost, and you were caught in flagrante with a blow-up leprechaun.

In short, you’re no good at celebrating the most alcoholic holiday of the year (or, conversely, you’re really good at it, but we’re not sure that the police would agree with you). You know who is good at it? Holly Madison.

Holly Madison Leprechaun
This "leprechaun" doesn't even have ginger hair or a pot of gold

On St Patrick’s Day, Ex-Playmate Madison took part in a Beer Pong tournament at O’Sheas Casino, which is apparently the “Centre of the Beer Pong Universe.” Good stuff. Didn’t know it warranted a universe. 

For those of you who don’t know what Beer Pong is, it’s one of the more long-winded and athletic drinking games which involves bouncing ping-pong balls into cups of beer, then drinking them. The beers, we mean. Not the balls. It’s like a cross between ten-pin bowling and tiddlywinks, and about as exciting as both until you factor in the fact that you’re getting steadily pissed as the game goes on.

Anyway, Holly played Beer Pong (which seems to involve a lot of jumping around with your arms spread – we’re not complaining, though) in a sexy dress and then had some pictures taken with what we’re sure isn’t an authentic leprechaun. 

 Holly Madison beer pong
Pictured, left to right: Holly Madison, Beer Pong

He appears happy about this state of affairs. From the looks of things, the little fella hangs out at the casino a lot, so getting friendly with the former playmate must have made his day. His year, even. When you dress up as a mythological creature for minimum wage, you take what you can get.