Another Autumn, another season of Strictly Come Dancing for your mum/girlfriend to gossip over and for you to not really care about. Well. Maybe you care about some bits of it. Some bits like the ones Holly Valance is going to be in.

Quite aside from the legions of gorgeous dancers with interchangable foreign names (we quite fancied the one with the red hair) and the obvious charms of Kara Tointon last year, we sort of had a thing going for Pamela Stevenson. We're not ashamed to admit that.

Not at all ashamed

Mum would have Strictly on when we went for tea on Sunday and we'd spend the entire show in the kitchen "helping" dad try to make a roast, but then we'd have to make our excuses and pretend we couldn't get any signal in the kitchen and walk into the living room to text and oh, who's that dancing? Is is that Pamela Stevenson? Great, we'll just sit here and watch her and engage in various matronly fantasies for the three minutes she's on camera.

That Billy Connoly is a lucky son of a bitch, take it from us.

Holly Valance on Strictly Come Dancing
Although we guess he has to put up with his hair, so it's give and take

Pam's not on again, crushingly, but Holly Valance - one of our favourite Australians along with Skippy, Mad Max and Hugh Jackman - definitely is. She's been awful quiet of late (and by "of late" we mean "for around ten years") but we still fancy the pants off her, so her showing up on anything is a big thumbs up in our book. Will she win? Maybe. She's certainly beat Rory Bremner and Russell Grant, that's for sure.