Holly Valance went to the GQ Men Of The Year Awards last night. She sported the old hot-girl favourite: an ‘LBD’. For those of you that don't read girl's magazines, that stands for ‘Little Black Dress’.

Here she is with her fella, Nick Candy.

She's taller than him, which might make him feel a bit inadequate. But he's worth about NINE BILLION POUNDS, so he probably doesn't feel too bad. 

We can’t begin to imagine what it would be like to have that much money. Where would you keep it all? We remember watching a programme called Max’s Millions when we were kids. This kid ‘Max’ only had a million quid or so but a lorry would regularly turn up and deposit another big wad of cash which he’d accumulated in interest.

If you were a billionaire, your mansion would be constantly inundated with cash-carrying lorries. That would be a pain. You'd have to stay inside all day, swimming in your pool of liquid gold and being fed exquisite truffles by supermodels. Nightmare. We're glad we're not billionaires. We're not glad we're not dating Holly Valance.

"Top Gun II: This time it's heterosexual"

Here's a picture of Holly with Craig David and that Scouse bird that was in Atomic Kitten. It's not particularly relevant to this story, but it made us chuckle; we never expected to see those three people together.

Holly needs to work on her 'forced smile'.  Craig looks quite cheesed-off about the whole thing.  Liz, bless her, looks absolutely bloody chuffed, like a nine-year-old girl who's just been given a puppy for Christmas. 

1/ Kelly Brook cleavage is on a bike
2/ Kylie Minogue is selling her house
3/ Larissa Riquelme in 3D in Playboy