Soap awards shindigs are apparently the most fun prize shows around, because everyone gets hammered and makes a fool of themselves. Also, you can usually be pretty sure that various ladies from various soap operas will turn up wearing something tiny. And if they're not wearing something tiny they're wearing something ridiculous.

Looking best at last night's Inside Soap Awards was Claire Cooper, who plays Jacqui McQueen in Hollyoaks. In the soap she always looks a bit hard and like she could definitely beat us up. Off-screen she looks loads better. Last night, for example, she looks like a sophisticated French lady. Haw-hee-haw.

Claire Cooper at the Inside Soap Awards

Bronaugh Waugh, who plays Cheryl Brady, adopted a 'play to your strengths' look. Good lord.

Bronagh Waugh at the Inside Soap Awards

Loui Batley, who was in Hollyoaks as the one who fell out of a plane and splatted all across the ground, leading to a really drawn out and really boring plotline, came as a slutty Victorian school teacher.

Loui Batley at the Inside Soap Awards

Carley Stenson, who plays Steph and suddenly appears to have an entirely new face – Ashley Simpson's face, to be exact – turned up just looking plain mental.