Much like Christmas, Halloween is a magical time of year. Unlike Christmas, it's not the magic of togetherness and giving, but the magic of witches, demons etc that infuses the holiday's black heart - which is much more exciting. You know what else is exciting? Hot girls in Halloween costumes. Let's go:

Beyonce at a Halloween Party
Beyonce's bodyguard is so tall he cannot fit in any picture that is taken of him

Beyonce is dressed as a Bee. This is ingenious because she often refers to herself as “B” and she must have had the costume knocking around for ages in the back of the wardrobe (or covering a cushion on the sofa). Full marks for looking good, but points have been lost due to wrong number of legs and incorrect colour of feet. A valiant effort nonetheless.

Natasha Bedingfield at a Halloween Party
Wig? Jumpsuit? Pants? LET'S ROCK

Remember Natasha Bedingfield? N-Bedz? Sure you do. She sang a bit, and had a brother with a voice like he'd just sat on his balls. She's still alive, you've be pleased to hear, and she's disguised as a convict of some kind. Or maybe she is a convict! We don't know. Times must be hard for Natasha.

Neon Hitch at a Halloween party
That man on the left has a glove made out of tiny belts

Neon Hitch makes some pretty funky pop music and dances around in her pants, which are both definitely good things. Much like us every year, she hasn't bothered with a costume and has just worn a collection of vaguely weird items of clothing in the hope that others will infer an outfit on her. Is she a chandelier? A disco ball? The bastard lovechild of Jessica Rabbit and The Silver Surfer?

Michelle Trachtenberg at a Halloween party
Tops: hypnotising

Michelle Trachtenberg was Buffy's little sister in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and acts alongside Blake Lively in Gossip Girl, and here she's come as a Tim Burton-esque blue monster. Terrifying. Seriously, though - would you try to chat up a girl covered in body paint? Hell, it's Michelle Trachtenberg, but if it goes to plan there's going to be so many blue stains all over your flat you'll start resembling an Eiffel 65 song.

Kate Upton at a Halloween party
Good thing they put the wristband on her fleshy hand, that might have chafed otherwise

And finally, it's Kate Upton. Lovely, beautiful, wholesome Kate Upton with her blonde hair, blue eyes and withered skeleton hands. Classic.