“American girls view British accents as sexy and sophisticated,” explains San Diego-based dating coach DeAnna Lorraine. “So the moment British men start talking is the moment they start scoring points.”

But how do you go from there to that scene in Love Actually where the bloke from the BT ads turns up in a bar in Middle America, has a few drinks, then skips off for some, presumably sensational, sex with three clothes-hating US girls? FHM asked some US dating experts for some tips on how to pull American girls.
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01 Plan and be decisive  
“Women want men who are leaders,” says dating coach Evan Marc Katz. “So give a display of confidence by coming up with a date venue that’s not too expensive and is in her part of town so she doesn’t have to travel too far. Then, when you are on the date, order some decent wine, pay the bill and then suggest somewhere else you could try nearby.”
Lesson learned: Successful daters have a plan and stick to it. And pay.

02 Don’t get jealous of other guys
“American women have a lot of labels for relationships,” says Catherine Townsend, author of Sleeping Around: Secrets Of A Sexual Adventuress. “In the UK it is much more ‘get drunk, fall into bed, become boyfriend and girlfriend’. In the US we could be ‘multi-dating’, ‘hooking up’, ‘hanging out’, ‘friends with benefits’ or ‘fuck buddies’, so check with your girl before presuming you are or aren’t exclusive.”
Lesson learned: Just because she’s slept with you, doesn’t mean she’s your girlfriend.

03 Sell yourself properly

“When people have an agenda, they don’t achieve that agenda,” says Evan Marc Katz. “The salesman who says, ‘You have to buy a car, you have to buy a car,’ is not going to sell you a car, whereas the one who says, ‘Hello, what’s important for you in a car? Is it speed? Price? Mileage?’ will. Same goes for dates.”
Lesson learned: Desperation isn’t sexy. Not ever.

04 Don’t get (too) drunk!

“British people typically drink much more booze on their social outings and dates than American women,” says DeAnna Lorraine. “So if you’re kicking back three beers to every half-glass of wine of hers, a second date won’t be on the cards.”
Lesson learned: Binge boozing leads to bad dates.

Cheerleaders for FHM

05 Don’t hijack conversation

“Women long to be heard and understood,” says Evan Marc Katz. “So stop hijacking the conversation and start asking questions and listening to her answers.”
Lesson learned: She doesn’t care about the time you downed six Jägers then wrestled your mate in a skip.  

06 Call the next day
“Call the next day after every date,” insists Evan Marc Katz. “Sure, if she didn’t like you, she’ll think you’re a stalker, but if she did like you, then she’ll say, ‘Oh my God, he’s so sweet.’”
Lesson learned: Games are for losers. If you like her, call her.

07 And, finally, slow the hell down

“Men are faster movers than women and in my experience British guys are faster movers than American men and American women are slower movers than British women,” says Patti Feinstein. “The man wants sex and a relationship far quicker than the woman and it often scares her off.”
Lesson learned: You heard. Chill out dude.

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